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Welcome to the Library
Welcome to the Library
Students will be checking out books and should return library books each week to receive another one. Talk to your child about putting the book in a certain place so that he/she doesn't lose it. Also, please remind your child about taking care of his/her library books.

Encourage your child to read some each day. Ask them about what they are reading.
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Miss Crowder's Bio

about 1 year ago

Hello!  Welcome to Miss Crowder's information page.

Email Address: Miss Crowder
Phone number: 864-697-6480

I am the media specialist at Joanna Woodson Elementary.  I live in Mountville on a farm.  My hobbies include working crossword puzzles, engaging in Sudoku puzzles, and reading children's books.  Some of my favorite fiction books are Ruby Holler, Iron Thunder, and Charlotte's Web.  Some of my favorite picture books are Up the Learning Tree, Wolf's Chicken Stew, and The Monkey and the Crocodile.

Miss Crowder
Children's fiction books I enjoyed recently are The Odds of Getting Even, Ranger Rescue on the Oregon Trail, and Sophia's War.